Bldg123 LLC is a Limited Liability Company, in Thousand Oaks, Ca. Its founder is Jai Agaram, P.E. who brings over 30-years of experience in engineering, project development as well as software design. Jai Agaram also heads Digital Energy, Inc. a consulting engineering firm that has provided energy efficiency, design and commissioning services in over a few hundred building projects over the last 30 years. Hands on experience and challenges related to document management and work-flow collaboration challenges have greatly shaped the thought behind the Bldg123 product.

The product development team includes other professionals and peers in the industry in various fields including construction management, facilities management and software design, and database architecture. Bldg123 aims to enhance the usefulness of the product and help the industry achieve new heights in collaboration and work-flow efficiency through easier and improved organization.



Core Values


As an organization with significant experience in consulting, our values will continue to place emphasis on three most important things.

  • Excellence in product quality
  • Excellence in product support
  • Listen to customer needs!